Prototype Coasters

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Awhile back we did some 3D print tests with a 3rd party print company to see how the EPCOT logos would look…we recently added our very own 3D printer to our arsenal of tools and we figured we’d print out a full and complete set as a prototype. While these are reliefs and made of plastic, we may make the final product with a rubber material and inset the logo. Further below you will find another experimental square coaster, this has the inlay into the familiar square sign from EPCOT Center.

We know these will generate interest. However we need to work with Disney to get these approved for mass production. If you have any contacts at Disney merchandising/licensing please drop us a line at

Stay tuned for Kickstarter info once we have a green light from the mouse…

2015-07-04 13.35.32

2015-07-04 13.34.37

2015-06-11 02.50.16

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