From Concept to Product….

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Our attraction models will go through quite a process to go from concept to reality. We have outlined the process so you can see what goes on behind the scenes.

These photos are from my company when we were chartered to make a diecast metal and plastic model of a massive electrical generator. In real life these are nearly the size of a bus, but we were asked to make it 1/25th in size. Follow along below from CAD to finish product!


3D CAD Image

3D Molding Image – Colors denote parts for assembly

3D Mockup with Painted and Printed Details

3D Foam Packaging

Box Artwork


1st Shot Unpainted Sample

 Sample Box

2nd Shot – Painted Sample


Casted parts awaiting paint

 Parts Drying after Paint Application

Pad Printing Details



All Boxed up and waiting for Pickup

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