Trains, Trains and More Trains

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So things have been a little quiet around here, but it’s not because we’ve wondered off, we’ve been a little busy.

Magic Kingdom - Walt Disney World Railroad PosterOver the last year we’ve been super busy designing, building and shipping wooden toy trains for a certain large train transportation company. They shall remain nameless at this point due to NDAs but it’s a given us a lot of experience in the design and manufacturing process that goes into making those little wooden toy trains that everyone loves. As of this writing, we’ve designed and produced three locomotive engines, five cars, a train station and various accessories to go along with the trains. We’ve also designed and produced all of the packaging that goes along with them.

One day, as we were working, it occurred to us that we’d never seen Disney produce any wooden toy trains as souvenirs to sell in their theme parks. And hey, we just finished up a round of wooden toy train production…hmmm…I wonder what the Walt Disney World Railroad trains would look like if they were made into wooden toy trains…

So using the experience we gained developing the toys for our client, we set out to design wooden toy train versions of the Walter E. Disney, Lilly Belle, Roger E Broggie and the Roy O. Disney. ThisĀ is what we came up with:

WDW wooden toy train digital prototypes


We’d like to think these would make awesome toys. And we’re seriously considering making one-off prototypes to further refine the designs. We’d like to hear what you think about them. Would you buy one (or more) if Disney sold them in their theme parks?

We’re trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to get in touch with the right people at WDW for proper licensing and approval. If you have any contact information please contact us at

WDW Wooden Toy Train Prototype - No. 1 Walter E. Disney

WDW Wooden Toy Train Prototype - No. 2 Lilly Belle

WDW Wooden Toy Train Prototype - No. 3 Roger E. Broggie

WDW Wooden Toy Train Prototype - No. 4 Roy O. Disney

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