Horizons Pegasus Hoverlift a.k.a. Mesa Verde Hovercraft

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It may have seemed to be have a little quiet around here in February, but I can assure you we were busy. In fact we were working on several projects at once. I was busy working on the Horizons model and both of us were working on developing a toy which ate up a lot of our time.

While developing the toy we realized we should try a smaller test on a less complicated subject. This way we could test our the workflow necessary and test out a couple different prototyping and manufacturing methods. I remembered having a Horizons hovercraft model that would make a great test subject so we jumped in with it. It needed a little finishing up first and below are renderings showing the model in progress and in the finished state.

While I was working on finishing up the model I noticed on the nose of the hovercraft was printed the make-believe manufacturer: Pegasus and under that was the word “hoverlift” So that makes the Horizons Mesa Verde hovercraft actually the Horizons Mesa Verde Pegasus Hoverlift. Just a bit of Disney trivia for you fellow Disney geeks out there!

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