So who is behind this venture?

All the gory details are in our Who We Are page but the short story is that we have a master of 3D models and an expert in product design, sourcing and distribution. Did we mention they love everything vintage/retro Disney?

Are the products limited to attraction models?

No. We have MANY ideas, some of which are already past the prototype stage!

What will the items be made out of?

Most first run miniatures will be made out of cast resin. It is inexpensive for prototyping and can provide quite a bit of detail in a small space. It is possible that more detailed models may be fashioned out of metal and plastic, but we need to get a few resin models completed first.

What is the expected cost of your products?

Currently we do not have any set target price because we have a wide variety of ideas that would encompass a wide price range.

What will I find on this website?

  • Initially this is our soapbox to get the word out about us; and it will always be the place to find the latest news and progress.
  • We will be posting screenshots of our 3D models to show you what we are working on.
  • Most importantly, as we develop and bring products to market, you our readers/followers will be instrumental in providing feedback and telling us what you’d like to see. Think of us as a crowd-imagination-product venture!
  • Once the products are ready to be sold we will offer an online ship, coupons, contests, etc.

How do I find out more?

Keep tuned to this website and be sure to Follow us!